Friday, June 02, 2006

Well, THAT was random!

First of all, thank you all for the compliments on Kris's socks. I'm ridiculously proud of them, and it's nice to have other people acknowledge that they actually are pretty cool. I decided to write up what I did, since there seems to be some interest. The pattern is in the post previous to this one, also linked here and in my sidebar.

Now, as far as the title of this post - from the "Well, THAT was random" files:

I was standing in our kitchen Wednesday evening, making dinner and waiting for Kris to get home from the chiropractor, when the power flickered briefly (it was clear and sunny). Then I heard a very odd noise. The dogs were in the house, or I'd have figured they were getting into something. Next thing I know, I see this:
Yes, that would be a very large tree branch that is no longer attached to the tree. For purposes of scale, the tree is over 100 years ols and stands at least twice as tall as our two-story house. The branch itself is as big as some trees. We have no idea what happened. If you look at the trunk end of the branch, it looks perfectly healthy (aside from being no longer attached to a tree) - no rotting or anything. I'm just very, very glad that the dogs were in the house and that it missed the power lines that run across the yard.

Some other views - on the left, a better shot of the tree that it fell from, and on the right, a shot of the fallen pieces from the tree side.

Kris did take a picture of me standing by it, just for scale. Of course, it's still on his camera, so I'll have to upload it later. ETA: Here 'tis! For reference, I'm about 5'9", and I'm standing on the ground next to the branch - not up on it or anything..
In other random news, MySpace is weird. I joined last fall because my brother wanted to use it so that we could message each other about plans for Christmas (Apparently email is too complex). So, a couple of months ago, I decided to actually put up some info about myself, just for fun. Since then, several people from both high school and college have found me and sent me friend requests. The really weird part? One of the guys from high school who found me is a guy I had a huge crush on in 6th grade and have probably spoken 6 words to in my life (I was incredibly shy, so my love life consisted of a lot of admiring from afar for many years). Now, I don't think that he searched me out specifically, I just think it is funny that of the 487 people in my graduating class, he's one of the small handful who are: 1.on MySpace and 2.took the time to actually friend a bunch of people from our class. I seriously doubt he even knows who I am (Heaven knows he didn't back in 6th grade, and we weren't exactly in the same social circle in junior high and high school). Anyway - too weird, no?



At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Rebekah said...

Hmmm, odd, maybe the tree was previously damaged in a large wind storm, not enough to break it then, but enough to make it finally give way to it's own weight.

Or there's a little tiny lumberjack hiding in the tree, cutting off limbs randomly.

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Zonda said...

Yikes! Glad no one got hurt! That is a big tree!

I had many a crush from a far too...


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