Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympics Report - Day 2

I am about 20 rows from the end of the back section of the sweater. Shortly after I finished the lace and switched to the stockinette, I was checking something on the pattern and realized that when I started the pattern (you know, the second time), I goofed again.

This is my cast on edge - I cast on with the Glittallic, and then switched to the Lacette for the first two rows of the lace pattern. It looks like this: (Sorry, that's kind of blurry)

At the end of each repeat of the lace are 4 rows of the Glittallic in garter stitch. It looks like this: (Again with the blurry. Ugh)

When I looked at the pattern, I realized that I was supposed to cast on with the Glittallic and then knit 3 rows with it before starting the lace to make the bottom look like the stripes. I was grumpy for a moment, and then made an executive decision to leave it (No WAY was I frogging everything. The Lacette is a bitch to frog). I'm just going to duplicate my mistake on the front and the sleeves. Problem solved.

I think I am going to block the back as soon as I have it finished, because I am beginning to rethink my size choice. I think I maybe should have gone with one size smaller. I'll measure the back once it is blocked, and if it is running at all big, I may re-do it and make it a size smaller (which might also require an AC Moore run for some extra just-in-case yarn). I'm holding off on that decision until I can measure it, though. Of course, if I do start over, at least I can correct the mistake with the Glittallic. =)

Edited to Add: Just finished the back and laid it out. I think it is going to be fine size-wise, so no need to start over. Yay!



At 6:35 PM, Blogger betzig said...

Already done with the back?! This is why I'm not joining in--there is no way I could finish anything other than a scarf in such a short time. Keep up the great progress.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger roxy ^-o-^ said...


You knit that much already?


It is confirmed - I am the world's slowest knitter.


your favorite Asian smart@$$

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Zonda said...

Awesome on the knitting girl! Guess the snow kept you home, warm and knitting!

Glad it is working ok sizewise now.

Hehe, after reading a few persons w/problems, kind of glad I am making something felted ...phew...


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