Thursday, August 04, 2005

More FO's

I've been the finishing queen lately. I frogged the pink Sigma tank that I had started and turned the yarn into a Tivoli tee, which I loooooooove. (Will post pics when I have a photographer here to take some). What an awesome pattern! I cast on in the car going to EdFest, and was done in a week.

I finally finished the purple Baby Bobbi Bear for Clint, and my Branching Out in SWTC Bamboo. I think it looks rather lovely on the bear, but I think I'm going to keep it anyway:

I really like this yarn. I have one more skein in this color (no clue what it is - the label didn't say, and I can't find a match on their site), and I think it may become a One Skein Wonder.

I am STILL working on the Green Sweater that Never Ends for Kris. Cables are so very pretty, but they are SO SLOW. I tried to work on it last night, because it was the only WIP on my needles (Wow!), but it was so hot and sticky that the yarn was making me crazy. So, I
cast on a MiniSweater in TLC Cotton Plus. Kris is a saint for being so patient about this sweater...

57 days to Serenity!! Woo hoo!



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