Thursday, October 20, 2005

WIP Update

While driving up to Pittsburgh visiting my folks, and Kris's grandmother and great-aunt and -uncle, and Ed and Karin, I got some knitting done.

I've made some progress on the Felted Entrelac Bag:
I'm getting pretty comfortable with knitting backwards, so that I don't have to turn every 12 stitches (Lazy, lazy me). I've got 4 more green squares to go on this row, and then I move on to the yellow - the last color I haven't used.

I've done another repeat on the Kiri shawl - 9 down, 3 to go. Of course, with the shawl increasing in size on every repeat, this means I'm just under 2/3 of the way done, instead of the 3/4 you would think. *sigh* It also means I can't stretch it out to size on my needles anymore, and unlike some other people (Monkee, I'm looking at you), I can't get inspired to put it onto additional needles for photo purposes. At least, not at the moment.

I've made absolutely no progress on Lacey. I can't figure out if I am not liking it in the yarn I am using (I have some sockweight I could dye and use, but I'm not sure I have enough), or if it is just the ribbing that is leaving me cold, and I'll start cruising once I get to the lace.

Mom's Clapotis has gone nowhere. Once I realized that I wasn't going to get it done by the weekend trip, I lost interest for the time being. It seemed to fly while we were gaming with Jen and Drew the other weekend, so maybe I need to con Kris into more gaming sessions so I can make more progress (Yeah, 'cause he'd hate that...)

Kris's socks? Yeah. Um... Did I mention I finished his sweater?

After the great Knittyboard Outage of '05 this weekend (which I missed, being in PA), it was suggested that we (the Knitty Folk) make hats, etc. as a "Thank you" to the tireless tech support folks at Vermont Web Hosting. Since I know what it is REALLY like for people who work in support (being married to one for 7-1/2 years now), I decided to pitch in. I was originally just going to make a hat, but when I decided to make the Brioche Rib hat from Weekend Knitting, I got inspired and wanted to make the matching scarf. I cast on for the hat last night, and while watching Lost and Law & Order, I got this much done:

I'm hoping to finish the hat tonight, and maybe start on the scarf. If all goes well, I should be able to get them in the mail next week sometime. Once I get past the set-up row, brioche stitch seems to fly for me, so I should be in good shape to make that goal.


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